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Focus on the Hunt

Revision Military has delivered millions of products across eyewear, armor, head systems, power management, tactical communications and advanced soldier systems technology over nearly two decades. When we decided to tune our process to hunters, anglers and outdoor adventurers, we were not content to rely on our past successes in military eyewear to carry us forward – we wanted to start from scratch. We’ve drawn on decades of experience creating products for the military to re-imagine what eyewear can be for hunters, and we built a network of Revision allies and partners who are experts in the field to help us on this mission.

We’re not content to rely on the momentum of our past successes to carry us to a new frontier

Revision Outdoor Product Development

Our top-tier engineers worked alongside a team of accomplished hunters, drawing insight and design inspiration at every stage of development. We fixated on the inherent problems that they face: eye strain, mixed lighting, fog, durability, eyewear storage, dulled vision and color recognition. Our goal was to improve how sunglasses integrate with the equipment they already use and enhance their hunt. We went back to our team of hunters with every prototype, every lens tint, every color refinement. This collaboration lead to our three distinct eyewear systems – the Revision Pursuer™ for hunting in the high mountains, the Revision Caller™ for the water’s edge and the Revision Seeker™ for anywhere adventure leads.

We took a similar collaborative approach to our manufacturing partners. In our ambition to incorporate everything hunters and anglers demand from their eyewear, we sought out premium partners who specialize in polarized lenses and color coating technologies, ensuring that anything not done in-house at Revision was done collaboratively with the best specialists in the business. 

Once in-house, all components pass through our rigorous visual inspection process and comprehensive testing for impact resistance, chemical tolerance, and optical clarity. We hand assemble each set of eyewear on a custom-order basis to match your model, frame color and lens selection. Every single kit is built at Revision’s Essex, Vermont facility by our dedicated assembly team and shipped out to you so you can get out there and focus on the hunt.

As the Revision Outdoor range grows, we will continue to work alongside our trusted team of partners and allies, always looking to expand our knowledge, perfect our processes and challenge perceptions of what is achievable in order to meaningfully enhance the in-field experience for our customers. This is the foundation of Revision’s mission, and it is as true for the outdoorsman as it is for the soldier.

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