Our Story

The Trail from Revision Military to Revision Outdoor

Revision has a long history of building battle-proven solutions for military and law enforcement outfits throughout the world. What began in 2001 with one protective eyewear model has expanded to include hundreds of high-performance products across eyewear, armor, head systems, advanced soldier systems technology, power management and tactical communications systems.

We work with the world’s toughest customers. Before we put pen to paper on a new design, we talk to our Revision users and communities to understand what they need: how they move, what kind of environments they are in, what other gear they may be carrying, what kind of pressure they may be under. All of these factors impact how we build our Revision gear and help us make integrated solutions that work.

The past 17 years have taught us how to design, engineer and manufacture cutting-edge, mission-critical equipment that saves lives. We continue to innovate and challenge perceptions of what is achievable in the tactical and protective industries, giving our soldiers the freedom to prevail and our law enforcement officers the freedom to protect and serve.

Every lesson learned from working directly with users is hardwired in Revision’s outdoor eyewear

Our Story

It was a natural progression for us to take this focused expertise and apply it to a broader market. Given that protective eyewear was the foundation of Revision Military and remains such a crucial part of our core mission, that’s where we decided to start.

We’re tuning our process to hunters, anglers and outdoor adventurers: people who demand a lot from their equipment and push themselves—and their gear—to the limit. We started from scratch and with the help of our hunting and outdoor ambassadors, we built eyewear solutions that address the unique challenges that they face in the field.

We focus on performance. You focus on the hunt.

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