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Wes Morrison

Growing up in central Oklahoma, Wes' fondest memories are those spent outside on the family farm. During the summer he was out fishing and the winter was for deer hunting with his dad and brother. While they also enjoyed bird hunting, Wes credits his close friends with turning that from a hobby into an addiction later in life. He bought his first camera in 2008 and the thrill of combining his passions for hunting and photography keeps him going throughout the year.

Who got you into hunting / fishing? Why do you still do it?
My father got my brother and I into hunting and fishing at a young age. We were fortunate enough to have land in central Oklahoma that offered a little bit of everything!
How do you prepare for a hunt?
I always split my preparations into two categories. 1) My camera gear 2) Hunting gear
I typically pack my blind bag and lay out my clothing the evening before a hunt. I'll make sure I'm stocked up on shells, snacks, extra gloves and so on. I always have my camera batteries on their charger and extra SD cards out so I can rock and roll when I wake up.
What is your favorite hunting / fishing memory?
Several years ago, my friend took me hunting on his family land in late October. He had a mission in mind, and that was to get me on my first archery buck. With a some planning and preparation, we were able to make it happen without any hiccups, and I'll never forget that day!
What is your favorite type of hunt/fish or place to hunt/fish?
I love sitting in my deer stand on a cool fall evening watching whitetail deer come out to eat in a crop field, but without a doubt my favorite hunt takes place at my friends duck club. The 737 Duck Club has managed their property to be a world class mallard habitat, and the thrill of watching thousands of mallards feeding in the corn is something I live for!
What is the most beautiful thing you've seen while out on a hunt?
If you've never seen an Oklahoma sunset, you should add it to your bucket list. The sunsets are beautiful, the animals are plentiful, the combination of the two is why we keep doing it!
What is your dream hunt/fish trip?
While I'd love to hunt King Eider in Alaska or Moose in Canada, I think I'd have to say the idea of traveling to New Zealand to hunt Red Stag would be my dream hunt!
What is in your vehicle?
I always have my pistol, a pack of mint gum, water, and more duck calls than you could count.
What is your favorite quote or words you live by?
As cliche as it sounds, I try to live everyday as though it is my last. Life flies by, and I want to make sure at the end of my life I am able to look back and smile knowing I spent all my time with my family and doing things I loved.
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