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Kelowna, BC

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Fort St John, BC





Big Game Hunting

Mountain Hunting


Fly Fishing

Horseback Riding



YETI Coolers

Mystery Ranch Backpacks

Leupold Optics


Victory Archery


Wild Sheep Foundation (Life Member)

Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance ( Director)

Guide Outfitter Association of British Columbia (Public Relations Committee)


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Rachel Ahtila

Rachel hit the mountains in ’99 as a bright-eyed, horse-crazy youth. Since then, she has faithfully returned to the mountains as a camp-hand, wrangler and guide in her native Canada, the USA and overseas. She is a modern hunter in the truest sense of the term - a backcountry enthusiast who is always up for the next adventure.

Who got you into hunting / fishing? Why do you still do it?
My parents raised my siblings and I with a healthy dose of camping and fishing. Scoop Lake Outiftters was perhaps my first real look into hunting and combining that with one of my first loves, horses. When I learned that I could combine my love for the outdoors from the back of a horse and pursue wild game, everything in my soul just smiled. It still does, almost twenty years later- even on the hard days.
How do you prepare for a hunt?
I am detail orientated, I like to start from the wide picture and work my way down. First acknowledging where I am hunting and what species, gear that will be used to facilitate this (backpack, horse, truck, ATV, etc), how we are going to camp ( backpack tent, wall tent, tarp/fly camp, etc), personal gear, and of course, season. I am a very visual person who likes to have a list of gear in my hand, but visually laid out before packed away into bags and panniers.
What is your favorite hunting / fishing memory?
I have been honored to help harvest game for many folks that we share the mountain with, but my most precious memory happened in 2017 when I was able to share my Dall Sheep hunt with my father.
What is your favorite type of hunt/fish or place to hunt/fish?
Pursuing sheep takes you to some of the most exquisite places. British Columbia, the Yukon and Northwest Territories are all at the top of my list as must see places.
What is the most beautiful thing you've seen while out on a hunt?
If you've ever harvested an animal late in the season in Canada's north- you know that you are in for a visual treat on a clear night. While I was guiding in the Yukon for Jim Shockey, we killed late in the day and by the time we had prepared our animal, the mountains where the blackest outline against of skin that was riddled with stars that shone like diamonds while the most majestic and colorful Aurora Borealis danced over top our heads. When I close my eyes, I can still see the host of colors, smell the sweet Balsam Spruce and musk from a mature bull moose.
What is in your vehicle?
A change of hunting clothes, Muckboots, an axe, usually my bow, binoculars, and my Yeti Panga pack with knives, fishing lures and some snacks... you never know when an adventure might come along.
What is your favorite quote or words you live by?
There is no greater joy than living the life you were meant to live. -Edmund C. Blake
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