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The design and development process didn’t stop with the eyewear for us. There are some pretty run-of-the-mill accessories out there for sunglasses and none were particularly wowing us – or our team of hunters and anglers. So we went back to the drawing board, talked with our partners about what they want and need from these seemingly simple items. Turns out that they had some pretty cool ideas.


Extra bulk or material over the arms of the glasses quickly becomes uncomfortable on the ears and makes wearing a cap more difficult. We wanted something that was clean, simple and secure. We drew inspiration from a design that our military customers have depended on for years – a custom-fit clip that snaps into keyhole openings at base of temple arms. We paired this with a durable nylon cord and a small but tough springless cord-lock so you can adjust tension if you need a little more hold.


Accessory Technology


The standard-issue microfiber pouch wasn’t going to cut it here and a hard case takes up precious space when eyewear is in use. We wanted something that would do the job but go above and beyond – enter our storage system.

First a pouch – but kicked up a notch or two. A microfiber lined, coated nylon pouch protects against abrasion and includes an extra microfiber cloth stitched into the pouch so it’s exactly where you need it when you need it.

Next, our Pro Bag. Made of durable coated nylon with taped seams, this handy bag traps air and provides a cushion around your eyewear when rolled and clipped but weighs next to nothing and stows flat when not in use - although we’re convinced this versatile bag won’t get much downtime when out on the hunt.

All the attention paid to delivering a complete eyewear kit stems from Revision’s storied background in military and tactical eyewear solutions. We’ve learned that even the most mission-ready eyewear can benefit from specially-designed accessories, adding an extra notch of performance when it matters most.

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