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Steven Drake

Based in Bozeman, Montana, Steven Drake is a hunter, photographer and content producer who specializes in big game. He captures the stories of people who go farther off-the-grid than most and can often be found in the remotest locations while in pursuit of the shot.

Who got you into hunting / fishing? Why do you still do it?
My father. I do it for the challenge, facing my fears and the wisdom gained. I also do it for the meat. I have never bought a beef steak from the grocery store.
How do you prepare for a hunt?
Hunting is a year round process. I'm always outside in the mountains learning about game, their movement patterns, the types of animals that live in certain areas, etc. In the winter I locate wintering game, in the spring I shed hunt, in the summer I scout, then I hunt in the fall. It's a 365 process.
What is your favorite hunting / fishing memory?
Calling in a cow elk that stuck her nose down and sniffed my Dad who was laying down on his stomach in the middle of a game trail.
What is your favorite type of hunt/fish or place to hunt/fish?
Elk in my home state of Montana.
What is your dream hunt/fish trip?
I've traveled all over the world documenting different hunts but my dream hunt is archery elk right here in my home state of Montana.
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