Angela Erickson

Wayzata, MN

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Wayzata, MN


Owner – Curly Tail Camp, Saskatchewan

Build/Design – Nomadic Shack

Owner – Venor Clothing Line


Mountain Hunting




Sitka Gear

YETI Coolers



Children's Cancer Research MN


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Angela Erickson

Angela started hunting pheasants and fishing as a child with her father, Wally Hilgenberg (MN Vikings 4 time Super Bowl Player) on the way back and forth to practice on Saturday mornings. In 2009, Angela first experienced waterfowl hunting in Canada, and her type A personality and drive served her well as she committed to mastering the waterfowl hunt. In 2013 Angela built a private waterfowl camp in Saskatchewan, Canada and was inspired to launch Nomadic Shack, an outdoor living design and construction company specializing in building luxury cabins in remote locations. In 2017, Angela started, a hunt-inspired clothing line. In her spare time, Angela works diligently to promote the outdoors to youth hunters and the next generation. She has served on pro-staff and consulting boards for Filson, Sitka Gear and TangleFree waterfowl, and is an avid photographer.

Who got you into hunting / fishing? Why do you still do it?
I was the oldest of four children and my father was not planning on waiting. I started fishing at a young age with a blanket and a cooler of cereal and milk in the bottom of a boat. (I counted as another limit of walleyes!) I walked the fields along side my father until he passed in 2008 of CTE. There is not hunt that does not remind me of him. And today we still tell "papa" stories to our children as we pass on our love for the outdoors.
How do you prepare for a hunt?
Smiling... lots of hard work! Since I am usually preparing a camp in Canada twice a year, there is restocking of ammo, food, supplies, and gear ... all across borders. I update RM maps and put them on digital devices for scouting. I can honestly say this prep for the entire family and groups, is solely completed by myself. I also supply all of the clothing for those that do not have their own. Photographing for Sitka, it is usually the only camo you will find in the field. Come to camp... bring your toothbrush and underwear!
What is your favorite hunting / fishing memory?
I can remember at the age of 13 my dad telling me to run and keep up with the dog in the field as he sat back and laughed. I smile every year when my twin 7 year olds (5 year veterans) hunt in Saskatchewan. But one of my favorite is shooting my first full limit alone. ... The guys went to the cafe to wait until the evening hunt. When they came back, I held up my 8 drake mallards and said "I am done, you missed it". Also, Sheep hunting NWT. It was the mental preparation, proving your strength in the mountains as a female and taking that ram late on day 9 of a 10 day hunt. I wept as I held that ram and looked over the land were potentially no other human had walked.
What is your favorite type of hunt/fish or place to hunt/fish?
Saskatchewan Waterfowl, Snow Geese, Cranes, Ducks, Canada Geese
What is the most beautiful thing you've seen while out on a hunt?
I love the sunrises and sunsets. Both my fishing cabin and Canada camp face west. Saskatchewan is called the land of the living skies... and they never cease to amaze me.
What is your dream hunt/fish trip?
King Eider in Greenland
What is in your vehicle?
Spin Shoes, Fabric & Flooring Selections and Duck Calls. I clean it out every night.
What is your favorite quote or words you live by?
The cream always rises to the top..... Dad
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